Festivus Pole

Festivus Pole which was a creation of Seinfeld scriptwriters is an aluminum pole that is unadorned and placed at a corner of the house where Festivus is being celebrated. In contrary to the Christmas tree which is usually decorated this Festivus pole was invented to go the opposite of the Christmas tree. This is simple words symbolizes the anti-Christmas holiday leaving it plain without any decorations. It could be bought from a store that charges relatively low-cost or could be found in any corner or garage or store of the house. The law is to make things simple.

How to get a Festivus Pole?

The fun part is you don’t have to worry about how to get this Festivus Pole because as Frank Costanza said, Festivus poles don’t come from a commercial entity. They come from the crawlspace, not the mailman! All you have to do is have a look into your storeroom, or you can either buy it from the local hardware store or else you could even use an old Christmas tree stand. Of course, there are other options such as buying it from an online store. Websites like FestivusPoles.com do deliver upon placing an order but to stick to the motto that things should be simple as contrary to Christmas you can arrange this pole by other inexpensive means. To reflect what Costanza would have done you just have to go to your basement or loft, you might find an old lamp pole or curtain rod or even a wooden timber or cardboard tube that you could just cover it in an aluminum foil to enjoy the true spirit of Festivus by opting for non-commercial things like these.

How to decorate your Festivus Pole?

This pole doesn’t need any decoration. Even the tinsels are considered distracting. A simple aluminum pole is what all need is contrary to a Christmas tree which is fully decorated.

Festivus Pole Cares

Festivus pole doesn’t need any extra care, when the celebrations start you need to put it on display and when the Festivus is over put carefully back to from where you took it such as storeroom or attic. The rule is that it is supposed to look grimy so do not polish it. In certain cases such as if a dog pees on it, you just need to wash it and not polish. That is how it is supposed to be.

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Festivus Pole Safety Tips

Following safety tips are required when it comes to the Festivus pole. Since a Festivus pole is not a dancing pole so don’t permit the guest to climb the pole. Don’t let anyone engage with the Festivus pole during the Feats of Strength. And in the cases, if the pole is outdoors in zero temperature do not allow anyone to lick the pole because it might look alluring but don’t allow them to do it. Keep in practice these tips and enjoy the Festivus with its odd celebrations.

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