Festivus Gift Exchange Game


Out of many rare traditions that this holiday offers Festivus gift exchange game is one of them. To make things simple and to avoid any extravagance celebration those who are arranging the party are supposed to inform all the guests to bring a gift which they have received instead of purchasing a new one, they are told to bring a wrapped gift to re-gift at the party. The whole point here is to make sure they don’t buy anything so that they can re-gift something. All the guest place the gifts in a common area. At the time of re-gifting everyone at the go and pick up a gift and sit in a circle. It is the duty of the host then to read the story and draw attention to the words LEFT, RIGHT, and ACROSS or CROSS. When the word left is heard then the gifts are passed to the left and when the word right is heard they pass the gift to the right. Likewise when the host says cross or across then the guest passes that gift to the person sitting across the circle.

The Story of Festivus

The story of Festivus states that the Seinfeld group was preparing to celebrate Festivus in December in New York. And George who was surprised after receiving a Festivus card from his father thought that he had LEFT behind his childhood trauma but in reality, it was RIGHT in front of him. George opened the card and thought that “This is not RIGHT.” The card said, “Dear son, Happy Festivus.” George was CROSS. So Elaine asked, what’s Festivus, why are you sad George? Since he did not want to talk about it so jerry explained that Mr. Costanza was not a supporter of all the commercial and religious aspects of Christmas, so to get rid of all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas celebrations he trumped up his holiday. On the contrary to bring a tree his father put up an unadorned aluminum pole. And there were feats of strength to always LEFT you crying. George was so upset that he exclaimed I can’t take it anymore! Are you happy now? After gathering his things he LEFT that coffee shop. Following Kramer came to know about the Festivus and he was captivated. After all, he was down RIGHT lured by all hare-brained and insane things like these. Kramer then contacted Frank Costanza to know more about Festivus upon which frank gave quite a favorable response and gave him details on how Festivus was invented. Franks started as, “many Christmases ago when he went to buy a doll for his son, it was the last one they had and another man did also reached out for that. After when he rained blows upon him he realized there has to be another way!” Kramer manifested, “that must have been some kind of doll.” He was RIGHT! Frank continued his story by saying that “the doll was destroyed but out that, a new holiday was born. A Festivus for the rest of us!” Frank now was inspired so before he LEFT he informed Kramer that he was planning to revive Festivus. He went to fetch the Festivus pole from where he had LEFT it, RIGHT in the crawlspace. Frank dragged the pole ACROSS town to the coffee shop to announce to his son George that Festivus was reborn. George became upset when he saw that pole and even more upset when Frank took out a tape player form his RIGHT coat pocket. When he pressed a mad scene from a past Festivus was heard. After which George ran out of café sobbing. Frank sighed, “We had some good times.” To show how screwed up his family was, George bought his boss home at the very night Festivus was held. While jerry arrived without his girlfriend, Gwen, “Two faces”. Now, why was she called two-faced is a better story LEFT for another time? Elaine was also there and was surprised to see Kramer’s two bookie friends from OTB ACROSS town. Kramer claimed the surprise to be a Festivus Miracle, yet not miracle would help her horse Captain Nemo, that had been shot after when he lost the race. Mr. Kruger also showed his interest in learning about the Festivus Pole. Frank explained that it is made of aluminum. Very high strength-to-weight ratio. This LEFT Kruger amazed. At last, dinner was served and Frank formally started it by saying, “Welcome, newcomers. The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances and I have got a lot of problems with you people and now you’re going to hear about it! You, Kruger! My son tells me your company stinks!” George moaned, Oh, God.” Frank said George to be quiet because he will have his turn in a minute. Kruger, you couldn’t smooth a silk sheet if you had a hot date with a babe…” Then Frank looked confused and sputtered, “I lost my train of thought.”Everybody looked ACROSS the dining room table at each other and wondered where he may have LEFT it. Still, they were LEFT thankful that no additional grievances were aired. Following this, it was time for the feats of strength. Frank pointed out that it was Kramer’s turn to participate but he had to go so he LEFT. Everybody wondered, “Who’s going to do the Feats of Strength?” After which Mr. Kruger suggested George. Frank applauded and removed his sweater and look ACROSS the table at George. So they rumbled. Every one supported them by cheering. As the Festivus was leading towards its ends at the Costanza household the guest was LEFT with the memory of George moaning “oh, come on! Be sensible! , and Frank consoling him with “Stop crying, and fight your father!”

The end!

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