Airing of Grievances

Adding more spice to this out of the ordinary event airing of grievances takes place right after the Festivus dinner is served. As Frank Costanza gives its description by saying that when everyone is done with their dinner than they are told to gather around and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year. Everyone gets their chance to blurt out what they have kept in their minds for a year at this tradition. So friends and family get this liability to tell them about all the lets downs caused by their relatives and friends in the last year which everyone has to listen to whether they like it or not. All you have to do is listening! Meanwhile, in a typical Seinfeld Festivus, it appeared to be like only the head of the family air his/ her grievances but in mundane Festivus households, all who are present are given this chance to air their grievances. Regarding the Festivus! The book, Seinfeld impersonated airing of grievances after the O’Keeffe Family Festivus where the family associates were summoned to narrate their grouch into a cassette tape recorder.

The benefit of Airing of Grievances

It is believed that if you are in bad terms with someone and the discontent reaches a specific brink then opening about these grumbles makes way for a possible solution where people get rid of displeasures. So in Festivus airing of grievances gives a chance to divulge all the bad feelings which were perturbing previously. What we have seen in the episode is quite different where Frank does air a grievance about an invitee of the party though he was supposed to air his grievance about his family, because we spend all the time with our friends and family and these are one which affects us in general.

Tips for Airing of Grievances

Although it was very humorous to see these traditions on television since in real life things are quite different, it might not be possible for people to get off scot-free after blabbing about all the disappointments they’ve have experienced. There will be people who will get hurt after hearing the thwarts and there will be similar reverberations. So to avoid this to happen one must keep it light if one wants to practice this tradition. It must be kept untroubled to avoid any unpleasant aftermath. Because in the end, it’s Festivus a celebration in an uncanny way. The stage is open for whoever wants to air his/her grievances. It could be any public figure such as a politician and movie star. Keep in mind the nature of the people before airing grievances about them, some could be reluctant or introverts, so air your grievance accordingly to play a fair game. Use this opportunity as a twist of fate and use it wisely, do not miss out on the newcomers to your list of people you may have grievances about precisely if you have a boss of the company that always fusses than you better not fail to benefit from this once in a blue moon chance. And if you’re a shy person then simply tip over your complaints on a sticky note and post it to the Festivus pole.

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