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Festivus Party Ideas

As the official date of Festivus is 23rd of December but it is not necessary to celebrate it on this particular date rather it could be celebrated on any day in December or any other suitable date of the year. The traditional day doesn’t matter rather what matters the most is how you revel it.

Fun Festivus Party Ideas

This bizarre celebration demands unusual ideas for a Festivus party. By-Law every little detail of this event should reflect the Seinfeld series. All the traditions should treasure the true spirit of Seinfeldism to honor its origin. So the odd ideas of this odd party are as follows: law

Re-Gift Exchanges

As mentioned before everything should reflect Seinfeld so this idea was taken from the episode “The Label Maker”. It suggests that you don’t need to buy a brand new gift instead you’re told to bring a re-gifted item to the party which in other terms means that you bring a gift which you have had received in past, all you need to do is rewrap it and bring that to the party. In addition to this the worst, the gift one brings the more fun and charm it jacks up. To make the exchange of gifts more enter sprightly and amusing Fun re-Gift Exchange Script could be of great help.

Seinfeld Potluck

Adding more glee to the party, request your guests to bring food dishes of their own choices again what they choose to bring should reflect the Seinfeld series. This leads to jollification and creativity in making different food and figuring out the dishes.

Seinfeld Costume Party

Seinfeld Costume Party
Seinfeld Costume Party

As the title suggests there couldn’t be more fun other than dressing up as the characters from Seinfeld. This might be a little hectic to do but probably will add on more merriment.

Airing of Grievances

Apart from other unusual traditions, this one caught up most of the attention. As per customary Costanza Festivus, people spill out their disappointments which have been caused by their friends and family in the past year. It doesn’t take more time to take a shift from being a fun tradition to a risky one because few people might get offended upon hearing upon their complaints. So to make it light-hearted one must not become too personal. Another way to avoid this is that you can collect everyone’s grievances in a hat and read it anonymously.

Feats of strength 

After the airing of grievances comes feats of strength where the head of the household is supposed to wrestle with a guest of choice permitted that the guest can choose to withdraw if he has a good reason. This ends only when the head of the household is wrestled to the ground and pinned. Although it sounds good in reality it could have negative consequences on people excluding the furniture and household appliances.


What makes Festivus inexplicable then the other holiday is its odd practices influenced by the Seinfeld series. Any Festivus party must be predominant with the reflection of Seinfeldism. What they eat, what they wear and the customary practices should amalgamate the ideas of the series. Even the conversation that they have during the party should enshrine the spirit of Seinfeld, for example:

Guest: I brought my car into the shop Host
Host: Did the mechanic kidnap it and then drive it to Michigan?
Guest: (Strange look)

For all those people who are not any fans of Seinfeld might be surprised by these traditions and after attending this party either they will become the series fans or they will hate forever for its craziest holiday invention.

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