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What is Festivus?

Happy Festivus
Happy Festivus

23rd December marks the celebration of the event which is labeled as Festivus. The literal meaning of this Latin word Festivus is “excellent, jovial, lively”, and it has derived from Festus, meaning “joyous holiday, feast day“. There are various definitions regarding this holiday which states that it is secular in nature which eventually means it is anti-Christians, a repercussion to the commercialization, burdens, and stresses of the Christmas holiday season while you still can have a get together with your friends and family.

Origin of Festivus

Festivus caught attention from the public when it got featured as a holiday in the season 9 Seinfeld episode “the strike” which was first aired on December 18, 1997. The real creator of Festivus is Dan O’Keeffe whose son Daniel, a writer on “Seinfeld,” appropriated a family tradition for the episode. The plot spins around Cosmo Kramer returning to work at his old job While dining at Monk’s Restaurant, as George Costanza is opening his mail, he receives a Festivus card from his father saying, “Dear Son, Happy Festivus.” He didn’t know that it would become famous and will be celebrated as any other holiday upon which he wondered have we accidentally invented a cult. Customary practices are what make this holiday set apart from other Christmas holidays. If one doesn’t want to celebrate holidays in a traditional way they can opt for the Festivus.

How to celebrate Festivus

On December 23rd “Festivus for the rest-of-us” was popularized in the TV show Seinfeld and continues to widen its circle of fans each year. This holiday begins with the practices such as getting a festive pole, a pole without any decorations according to what its tradition suggest however one could keep the low maintenance attitude of Festivus wrapping the pole in an old wrapper paper or newspaper, airing of grievances in which every person is supposed to tell of all the ways other people have disappointed them over the past year and it occurs usually during the festive dinner. After the meal, the feats of strength are performed where the head of the household is made to wrestle and only ends if the head of the household is pinned down.

Rules/traditions of Festivus

Festivus Pole
Festivus Pole: Image Source

The holiday is celebrated in various steps. First of all a festive pole is required since Festivus is all about low maintenance so instead of setting up a tree at your home find a metal pole instead and place it in a corner of the living room which could be in your garage, attic or for something else such a tall lamp that can act as a festive pole. The popular Festivus quotes on this aluminum pole which was aired on NBC in the episode “the strike” portrays its low maintenance and the least attention provided towards its decorations. Frank a character: It’s made from aluminum. Very high strength to weight ratio. Upon which other characters Kruger sarcastically replies: I find your belief system fascinating. It shows Festivus decorations are least concerned and you just have to rummage through your basement or store. It could be bought online or else one can make it on their own with the help of an aluminum pole. There is probably no need to put on any decorations on the metal not even with tinsels. Festivus decorations are basically crossword puzzle.

The human fund

Position a jar near the front door by labelling the human fund, money for people. George Costanza found his own idea to save money after he received a card from his co-worker which was for a charity. So instead of exchanging gifts, he distributed the Festivus cards among his co- workers for his self-made fake organization “the human fund, with slogan money for people” which never existed in reality.

Festivus dinner

Then comes the Festivus dinner which is incomplete without the Festivus ale, smooth, spicy and malty with an elegant finish thanks to scorched wort and a bit of brown sugar, this beer surely adds charm to the holiday. The rule is to stay true to the episode with a meatloaf dinner. Festivus dinner consists of the meatloaf on a bed of lettuce. This makes the correct entree to celebrate Festivus dinner. Rule two says that serve a traditional turkey and pecan pie dinner. People celebrate the holiday serving any of these dishes and adding pecan pie for dessert. No one is compelled to serve the above-mentioned food but they can choose any food eaten in the Seinfeld series for Festivus. Airing your grievances is what comes after serving the dinner.

Airing of grievances

Everyone is supposed to sit on their chairs around the table and air their grievances by sipping on the wonderful Festivus drink. They express complaints about each other and the world. The airing of grievances is all about confronting so that you can get things off of your chest to feel better. Pick a few things that affected you that you’ve been wanting to complain about. Everyone participates and spills out the whining about what and who has been bringing them down and have been a bad influence in the past year. One important thing is that people must keep this lighthearted. Since Frank Costanza’s directness is pretty humorous in “The Strike,” so instead of imitating that keep in mind that real-life differs from reel life so everyone should be considerate and careful if one chooses to participate in the airing of grievances.

Festivus miracles

Then comes the recognition of Festivus miracles. These are basically circumstances which have evenhanded explanations however commended no different. Verbal acknowledgment with a feeling of stunning-ness is given to such happenings such as when someone shows up to the party and is asked how they knew about it, to which they reply that they were invited by a member of the group. At this point, someone should exclaim, “Another Festivus miracle!”.

Feats of strength

Participating in the feats of strengths takes place after everyone is done with the previously mentioned practice. The head of the household is supposed to select an opponent to wrestle with. The person can decline if he has a good reason such as broken leg etc. the rule is that the selected individual must pin down the head of the individual to breakdown his authoritative power. This marks the final ceremonial stage of Festivus. All of these traditions are based upon the events portrayed in Seinfeld episode but oddly these Festivus traditions have roots that pre-date Seinfeld as it began with the household of Dan O’Keeffe a television writer who is credited for writing the Seinfeld episode. The slogan of Festivus is “A Festivus for the rest of us!”

Festivus quotes

Festivus quotes that franks Costanza many Christmases ago went to buy a doll for his son, he reaches for the last one they had and so did another man Only then I realized there had to be another way because the doll was destroyed as I rained blows upon him. Frank Costanza grew tired of the commercial and religious aspects of the season and as a protest against the hustle and the bustle of the holiday season created his own holiday free of such distractions with the motto, “A Festivus for the rest of us!. The strike episode in the Seinfeld summarizes around this. The traditional greeting of Festivus is “Happy Festivus”.

Festivus games

One can easily guess what the tag line which reads “games for the rest of us” proposes. Founded in 2011 Festivus games were designed specifically for Beginners and Intermediate athletes. Festive games is all about capacity rather than the high degree of skill. For example everyone can run but how fast? Everyone can deadlift but how much? The class for beginner’s aid toward competition fitness and the intermediate athlete’s class challenge not all but most of the renowned athletes. In addition, another unique aspect of the competition is that it is not confined to just one location but across multiple spots across the United States and is held internationally. The categorization has variations. For example it could be between novice females and master, male novice and masters and female intermediates etc. The Festivus WOD’s which stands for the workout of the day and this day-long Cross Fit competition includes 4 WODs. WOD 1 includes the walking dead. This is a traditional deadlift with the hands outside the knees. Hand grip may be any type the Athlete chooses. WOD 2 is naughty and nice, Partners hand tag and switch each time the athlete doing the DB movements completes around. WOD 3 consist of 2 athletes, while athlete 1 completes athlete 2 cheers and when athlete 2 completes the 1 cheers him up. WOD 4 consist of hanging on we’ll sync up! In this exercise, the work should be divided among the teammates, and there’s no specific rule on how to divide it so they spilled it any way they want and a single person works at a time.

Festivus 2021

The Festivus games 2021 are happening at Crossfit life tree on September 14, 2021. Since the Festivus games, the leader board is up and the rule of this years is that you can pair up with the same sex teammate. Registrations are open and participants can sign up in either the novice or intermediate division.

Festivus code of coupon

To interest more and more participants they are attracted by using approaches such as giving them coupon code for example if people register themselves within a specific span of time they can avail 10%, 20% and so on based on the deal. Festivus games coupon codes are the main source of pull in enhancing their attention towards participation.

Festivus shirts

When participants register their selves on the mentioned a Festivus shirt is available at the host, and they can attend these Festivus activities wearing that shirt. Festivus shirt is also available online on the official website if anyone missed out the opportunity of ordering the shirt.

Festivus attire

In addition, there is a specific Festivus attire for Festivus games and activities. From gym tops to Crossfit shoes, to gloves to leggings and many more one needs to come with full preparation in terms of their attire which completely relies upon the games you are participating in. In winters however layers of clothes are required.

Denver Festivus beer

Denver Festivus beer for the rest of us are Denver’s unofficial, official beer themed party which is also termed as Festivus beer festival. In this party, all the brewery in Denver’s city limits is invited to share their favorite brews where shower in some 90’s nostalgia. This results in one giant, beer gilled, non-denominational, extravaganza which is completely tinsel free.

Festivus celebration kits

Furthermore, Festivus celebration kits are available on the Festivus amazon, which includes the required tools such as a talking Festivus pole, 5 human fund gift cards, and 2 magnets. The pole has four buttons that play audio of Frank Costanza. Another distinctive aspect of this holiday is the Festivus apparel.

Festivus amazon/ Festivus apparel

The clothing, the color, and designs of the shirts they wear. These are very much influenced by what the Festivus cast wore on the Seinfeld. All these items, Festivus t-shirts, Festivus Christmas sweaters all are available on amazon in huge variety.

Festivus Ben & jerry’s

It would be unjust to talk about Festivus without much-loved but short-lived Ben & jerry ice cream, a flavor for the rest of us. In 2000, only two years after the TV sitcom finished, Festivus has conceived an appetizing blend of dark-colored sugar-cinnamon ice-cream, gingerbread cookie chunks, and a ginger caramel swirl. But Festivus got so much popularity that in 2001, it was re-introduced for the glee of fans.

The Festivus Book

Festivus- the Book is a comical guide to the madcap holiday introduced to modern society. It is basically an up to date complete reference for those who celebrate Festivus or for those who plan to join in the fun of this holiday. It has talked about all the traditions which were aired on Seinfeld-based Festivus and also witness the different shades of how it is celebrated in reality, as celebrated by the O’Keeffe family. This book is the best guide for those who want to know the key details about this holiday, how others celebrate Festivus and there are plenty of advice and tips which will aid into how can you make your Festivus party worth remembering.

Festivus band

In the year 2000, Cinco de Mayo inaugurated a new empire in this evening of entertainment, the idea was to make the party even livelier to never fail its fans. The goal of this band is “get this party started” and never stop. Festivus just don’t come alone as a holiday rather it is a full and complete package of entertainment. The band center around the Mardis Gras theme complete with beads which get as wild as the guests themselves.

Festivus by the sea

Festivus is the Bestivus!

Festivus by the sea is basically a small home with all the required facilities which is located at the Bella beach. The home is a close walk to the amazing beach, where small families can enjoy their vacations on rational prices. This little charming beauty is what most people prefer to say to these homes who have stayed there and enjoyed their weekend find it a treat. In a nutshell, this is home. So calm. Close to the beach. Picturesque views. Beautiful homes in the neighborhood. A perfect place to relax and enjoys vacations by the beach.

Festivus bubblehead

Bobblehead is fundamentally a small statue with an unduly large head fixed on a spring so that it bobs up and down which is often made as a parody of a famous person. If it’s Festivus then there must be Frank Costanza’s bubble head as well. It has been a general practice that the baseball teams rejoice a midway to Christmas campaigns. While some minor leagues teams have had Seinfeld nights. But a genius who works at class A Potomac Nationals (they play in the Carolina league with the Royals’ affiliate in Wilmington, Del.). Someone at Potomac came up with the idea to mix these two campaigns. So Saturday night is a Most of the way to Festivus festivity. So Saturday night is a Halfway to Festivus celebration. The club will be distributing this frank’s bubblehead. That is just one part of the enjoyment. People whose name are those of the cast of the Seinfeld, such as Cosmo, Kramer, Costanza, whatley, or Kruger can get in to the game at no cost. Adding more to this, a video tribute to Frank Costanza is given which is labeled as “Ode to Frank Costanza. And then a festival pole is displayed. The players wear special jerseys with silhouettes of Kramer and frank Costanza a plate of meatloaf and the Festivus pole. A receipt of the donation made to the human fund in the name of the fans is given to them. This leads to the feats of strength and a meatloaf eating contest. Hidden in five courtesy Potomac Nationals Gameday Programs will issue an Atomic Sub card with Elaine Benes’ fake phone number written on it and those lucky P-Nat’s fans who find the Atomic Sub card may turn in the card to the P-Nat’s’ U.S. Coast Guard Fan Assistance Booth to claim a 2016 team signed baseball as a prize. In specific terms, they give tribute to the Festivus traditions in their own way.

Festivus google

Google shows its Festivus spirit by providing this holiday with a Festivus pole. On the day of Festivus where everybody is busy airing their grievances and putting up Festivus pole, a fictional holiday invented by Seinfeld television series in 1997 google provided everyone with their own Festivus pole showing its enthusiasm towards the holiday. Google has been doing this since 2012, just simply write Festivus on the search bar on google and it comes up with the Festivus pole.

Festivus café

This café with the Festivus features is located in Launceston titled as Festivus café is the place to get homemade cakes, sugar free and sweet treats. Great breakfast and lunches with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are the Festivus café Launceston menu.

Festivus Clayton homes

Clayton homes is basically a manufacturing company located in the United States, which has been providing quality home for all lifestyle at reasonable range. The Clayton homes has provided a Festivus model which portray the features of Festivus. The Festivus by Clayton structures walk-in closets, complimentary hard surface flooring and a double vanity in the master bath which makes it the favorite of all. Other Festivus features include a comfy and cozy living room and luxurious master suite etc.

Festivus countdown

Festivus countdown is an app which is being sold on amazon, counts down days, hours, minutes and seconds until Festivus. And also shows info on Festivus.

Being described as “the perfect secular theme for an all-inclusive December gathering” it is both a caricature and a secular holiday celebrated contrary to Christmas to get rid of the pressure created by the holiday season.

Festivus DVD

If it is the time of holiday season then you better not miss this opportunity to gift, SEINFELD: THE COMPLETE SERIES FESTIVUS BOX SET, which is probably the perfect gift for a die- hard fan this season, or even you can throw your own Festivus themed party. This box set is comprised of all 180 Seinfeld episodes in the 33-disc set, more than 104 hours of amazing extras, documentaries for all 9 seasons. Since there’s nothing wrong in adding the Festivus bloopers or other inside looks and extras, these all will assure to give you the better ideas about how to throw your very own “FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US” Party. It also entails a set of 8 invitations and RSVOs, cups/napkins, a mini Festivus pole replica, 4 thumb wrestlers for a “feats of strength” physical challenge and a deck of playing cards for a “feats of strength” mental challenge.

Festivus Bloopers

The fake holiday which was aired on the Seinfeld episode made a real holiday. The dinner’s scene which was so funny that it took six hours to film because Louis-Dreyfus couldn’t hold it together while filming it. Writer Dan O’Keefe in an interview to uproxx told that “as Louis- Dreyfus couldn’t stop laughing when the Sleazy Guy tells her, “I think you’re a fox.” The real killer, though, was Jerry Stiller, who played Frank Costanza—the inventor of Festivus. “Julia, who’s the greatest comedic actress ever, her kryptonite, the thing that would just stop her in her tracks, was Jerry Stiller’s halting, explosive delivery,” writer Jeff Schaffer said. “Then we knew we’d be there for a while because once she started laughing she could not stop.” Now, a refresher on the genius of Festivus, for the rest of us.

Festivus Gifs

Festivus Gifs
Festivus Gifs

Festivus is more famous than anyone could think. In all its unique ways, it has Festivus Gifs. Theses Gifs have all the best things a Festivus fan could ever think of. From famous dialogues to all the funny expressions of the cast, these Gifs has the ability to bring back the Seinfeld’s episodes memories back. On GIPHY, one can explore and share the best Festivus and most popular animated GIFs. Of all one of the most important Festivus Gifs is that of airing of grievances Gifs, where funny lines have been stated such as “I got a lot of problem with you people!” another one stating “ and now, you’re going to listen about it” are the most popular Gifs which people share showing the high spirit for this holiday.

Festivus miracle gif

Among the most popular gifs of Festivus, one of the gifs which have been shared is that of Festivus miracle gif. Kramer miracle gifs top amongst those. Kramer reactions saying, it’s a Festivus miracle and it’s another Festivus miracle gifs are the ones which are widely common.

Festivus bubble gum simulator

Bubble gum simulator is fundamentally a game which was developed by Rumble Studios. The objective of these games is to collect coins to buy better bubble gum and flavors. The trick is the bigger the bubble gets, the higher you can jump. Players can also hatch eggs, obtain hats and get pets to give them boost in their collection. Festivus is this game is a legendary pet in bubble gum simulator which could be obtained from the 100 th slot of the rewards pile in Christmas Island. The players have to use exactly 4,751,720,074 candy canes to this pet.

Festivus airing of grievances meme

Back in 2017, Jake tapper from CNN reiterated president Donald trump’s rebuking of the news media as “instead of focusing on his accomplishments and offering an optimistic positive view of what he’s doing for this country, it was an airing of grievances, it was Festivus, it was complaints about the media.” so on Christmas Eve 2017, a meme was circulated on social media of a screenshot depicting Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren who was delivering a Fox News Alert in which the lower third graphics overlay had been photoshopped to read, “Tomi: Obama Created Festivus to Destroy Christmas.” In response, Lahren tweeted, “You idiots think this is real?” and called the meme “fake news.” This is how the airing of grievances meme caught public attention.

Festivus cichlid

The flag cichlid whose scientific name is Mesonauta Festivus which was described by heckle in 1840 is also commonly known as the Festivum Cichlid or Festivus Cichlid. It is a striking and fascinating cichlid. Not only its common names but its scientific names describe it as a beautiful and attractive fish. The genus term Mesonauta means middle sailor, distinguished and remarkable while the specie term is common for both the holiday and this fish which is Festivus and which literally means merry or handsome. This is one the fishes which has been held longest in the aquarium and is a perennial favorite in the hobby for over 100 years. It was first introduced into the hobby in about 1908 and first bred in captivity in West Germany at the Weinhausen Aquarium of Brunswick in 1911.

Festivus Pittsburgh

Since 2005, an annual public Festivus celebration are being held in Pittsburgh where they feature live bands, a Seinfeld trivia contest, and the holiday traditions. The Pittsburgh’s city paper called its 13 the recapitulation “the longest-running celebration of Sein-Culture in the ‘Burgh” in 2017.

Festivus 2018

As days pass by the number of participants is expanding. The first-ever Festivus competition was held on April 30, 2011. Since then more and more beginners and intermediate athletes take part in these activities as it has been designed for them originally. The first competition with just only 70 participants the Festivus games grew over to 20,000 athletes in 2018. It shows the popularity it is gaining around the globe since it is not bound to a certain locality. There are held in various states and are being offered twice a year. One in April and other one is in fall usually in September and November.

Festivus Columbus

An annual holiday market of three days from festive Friday, December 14 to Sunday, December 16, 2018, is arranged so that people could finish their holiday shopping at reduced prices. They are invited to gather in this huge art-filled warehouse to air out their grievances and in addition, they can do their shopping’s from local bakers, makers, and crafters. To make this even more attractive the warehouse is filled with galleries with art to look into, in order to add more entertainment music is played and food trucks are there to provide delicious food making it one complete package. In order to take benefit of this gathering for a hundred West rich are there to collect funds/donations for gladden community house, they are in need of non-perishable food, hygiene items and gift cards to big box stores.

Festivus cast

The full cast and crew who played their role in the Seinfeld, “The Strike” is twenty in total number. Their names are as follow, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards, jerry stiller, Bryan Cranston, Julia, Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, Estelle harris, Daniel von baregn, Karen Fineman, dave florek, tracy letts, Stacey herring, jerry Dixon, colin Melone, Amit Itelman, ruth cohen, Thomas Azzari, Andrea Ragsdale and Jodi harol Harrison. These were the people who took this Seinfeld to peaks of success by creating a whole new holiday which is being celebrated every year.

Festivus Animation

Festivus animation is fundamentally an event that provided the opportunity to get to know people who are in the London animation industry, where they could find out who is hiring and who is providing this job. This is a platform where they know about these current updates. This event takes place on the 13th of July at the location The Comedy Pub in London where speakers such as Animation UK and Blue Zoo deliver their speeches. This is specifically a platform which provides an opportunity so people could meet the team behind some of the UK’s favorite shows, finds out the procedure about how to work with them, and to look for what job opportunities are there and some of them even get the chance to get some showreel feedback from the Blue Zoo animators. And for this reason students in the London area are encouraged to try to attend events like this. Among many other ways, this is by far one of the best opportunities to build contacts and connections in the industry and finding out what and where the ventures in the contemporary market are. As this event is held in London so it is also known as Festivus London. In specific terms, Festivus which got featured on the Seinfeld episode and caught public attention is a holiday which is now being celebrated to combat the pressure and commercialization of Christmas with all the traditions being followed as portrayed in the television.

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